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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Apr 12 09:48:28 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

 > Richard keeps telling us that Linux now has low market share,
 > as a reason or excuse for Rev to sell a Linux product that
 > doesn't work.

No, I explained the factors which affect prioritization at a company 
like RunRev.

I will not reiterate that anymore.  The archives for this list are 
available here:

 > Don't sell stuff that doesn't work!  If it turns out not to work,
 > and you cannot afford to fix it, you have to stop selling it.

The readers of this user-to-user forum will not be able to help you with 
this request.  You can contact RunRev here:

In another post you wrote:

 > I shall wait for 4.5 and hope that these issues are fixed in it.

Let me save you some time:  while I'm aware of pending changes to the 
engine which may address some of the issues you've had, I'm not aware of 
anything in v4.5 specifically which will do so.

 > And, as Richmond suggests, go for long walks in the hills.  Where
 > I live this translates to go for long rows on the lakes and rivers
 > of this watery landscape, but whatever.  Its an alternative method
 > of keeping blood flowing in the brain, and a valuable antidote to
 > intellectual frustration!

As an avid backpacker I can't speak highly enough of the value of a good 
walk.  If you come to California during the fall or spring I would be 
happy to share some of the Mojave desert with you.  I find a couple days 
immersed in the sparse beauty of the desert very refreshing.

 > Thanks to you all for listening, and thanks to you in particular,
 > Richard, for your patient replies.

Happy to help when I can.

Best of luck with your endeavors.

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