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Sun Apr 11 11:40:24 EDT 2010

René Micout wrote:

 > Le 11 avr. 2010 à 02:59, Richard Gaskin a écrit :
 >> but far more useful than an iPad for general computing and
 >> even programming tasks.
 > Richard,
 > The question is what is meant by "general computing"... For my part,
 > I think iPad will create new uses, and that is what I wait from this
 > tool.

If it does what you need than enjoy it.

But note that Apple didn't cancel their MacBook line when they 
introduced the iPad.   Each has a very different task focus.

Attempting to define what the iPad is has become a popular parlor game, 
but that there are so many opinions about it suggests it isn't a 
computer since that's something we all know.

Viewed from the perspective of my own needs, I see the iPad as primarily 
a media playback device that runs a few "traditional" apps like email 
and Apple's new redesigned office suite on the side.

But if you do a lot of typing, a device with a curved back doesn't lend 
itself well to laying flat, and holding it means typing with one hand, 
or leaning it against your crossed leg as Jobs did during the demo puts 
your wrists at a painfully vertical angle.  And beyond the question of 
whether the lack of physical feedback from a virtual keyboard will be 
important, the virtual keyboard on the iPad is missing a LOT of keys 
we're used to.  I just don't see writers or programmers falling in love 
with the iPad, at least not for work.

And then there's the difference between the quarter- to half-inch 
diameter of the human fingertip vs. the single-pixel pointer and what 
that means for precision layout tasks like making web pages or laying 
out controls in Rev.

And of course none of those form-factor issues addresses the bigger 
issue for many of us here:  we love scripting languages, and we love to 
tinker with our toys.  Apple says "no" to us:  even if you could run Rev 
stacks on an iPad, you wouldn't be able to author them on it.

In brief, I see the iPad as one of the most powerful an innovative media 
CONSUMPTION devices ever.  But for media AUTHORING, we still have computers.

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