RunRev and Linux

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Apr 11 10:33:36 EDT 2010

  On 11/04/2010 12:59, David Bovill wrote:
> Good post Peter - I used to be a Linux only user of Rev and its potential on
> that platform is fabulous, both in terms of the users and for RunRev in
> terms of attracting hard core developers. Hang in there - remember November
> is Rev everywhere :)
> And how about Html 5, or Android front ends with a choice of Java, Python,
> or Ruby calling the the Rev interpreter through C bindings on the server
> Desktop and maybe even Android. In the world of mashup interop is key, and
> Rev is in a good position to deliver for mobile - we just need to get the
> community aspect right to be able to create the widgets and libraries faster
> than the competition. And for that we need an open source strategy led by
> the community and supported by RunRev - and we need Linux developers :)
"and supported by RunRev" is the most important bit of this message.

RunRev go on and on and on about how much they listen to and care
about their 'community' of devoted users . . . however, many times over the
last 9 years (in which I have been a devoted RunRev user) I have wondered
whether that is really true; or, whether the truth lies somewhere nearer
to there being a trusted "inner circle" of users whose opinions are 
listened to, and acted upon, and an "outer circle" of users who are 
so that RunRev can say that they are quite a bit more "warm and cuddly"
than they really are.

The fact is that the Linux flavour of Runrev is distinctly "dicky" 
compared to
the Mac and Win ones; this is being commented on by quite a few users
of lesser or greater computing skill, and there appears to be a "hush" from
the other side does seem to confirm my suspicions.

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