[ANN] tRev Magic Menus: contextual, mouse-free menus

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 03:15:52 EDT 2010

  On 11/04/2010 05:39, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> On the basis that maybe it could be something about all three of the systems
> it occurred on today, which admittedly are all running Debian, though with
> very different installation and use histories, I moved Rev to Slitaz running
> in Sun's non-free Virtual Box on one of them, and did the same thing, and
> got just about the same result.  This time it was a freeze which the only
> way out of was to shutdown the session in X windows by force.
> Now this is a barebones install of Slitaz, which is itself just about as as
> bare as you can get, the only thing it has on it, apart from the base
> system, is Rev Studio gm1, 4.0.0, build 950, ligthpttd, user space NFS.  It
> does not even have CUPS or printing or Office installed.   It uses PCManFM
> and Open Box, whereas on my real system its Thunar and Fluxbox, and on the
> ones in the office they are on Gnome with Nautilus.
> So, what are we going to suggest next?  Is it the wrong kind of code?  Is
> there something about the way I've written my app that can cause the IDE
> editor to crash during cut and paste? Is that really possible?
It's entirely possible; I'm a dab hand at writing bad code, I don't know why
you shouldn't be as well . . .  :)
> Peter

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