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Sun Apr 11 00:19:33 CDT 2010

I have been an Apple user since the Apple ][, and have purchased upwards of at least 100 machines from Apple in that time; but, lately, I have been playing with Ubuntu Linux.  And, I must admit I am impressed.  Most of my work on Macs is done with open-source software (mostly LaTeX and R), but I really rely otherwise on Matlab and RunRev.  Really: about 90% of the work *in my lab* uses those two tools.  Octave (open-source) and R can, combined, do most or what I use Matlab for, but there is no open-source replacement for RunRev.  I really need it to work.  I don't compile apps, I run everything in the (MetaCard) IDE.  So, if I could be assured that the RunRev (especially the Metacard) IDE worked adequately in Ubuntu Linux, I would shift to purchasing cheap Intel machines for all my work and use Ubuntu Linux.  My lab runs on tax-payer dollars, so any savings I can make benefit us all.

Advice, comments?

On 2010-04-10, at 8:44 PM, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> On Planet Ubuntu 9.10, I just opened Rev, made a stack, opened its 
> script, typed some text, cut it, pasted it, copied it, pasted it -- all 
> good.

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