Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sat Apr 10 13:04:25 EDT 2010

I had agreed to try motif look and feel to see if it make any difference to 
the print card problem, and no, it does not.  A card printed with look and 
feel set to motif looks identical to one with look and feel set to anything 

In the process of experimentation, it seemed reasonable to try to use the  
printPaperRectangle property.   

This seems to offer a cast iron solution.  It appears to work like this.  
You get the property.  It then tells you what Rev thinks the page area is 
which is available to it.  Aha, one thinks.  This is easy.  What an idiot.  
What an obvious solution.  We just have to ask Rev what it thinks the page 
is that it has available, then print the card into it.  This must work.

Did it from the message box, and the answer supplied was indeed different 
from the coordinates in use.  Its going to work!

Wrong.  The result of printing the card with these coordinates is that part 
of the card, truncated, appears in a small part of the page at the top 
left.  So what exactly is the printPaperRectangle supplying us with?


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