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Using revMobile you can just install an app right onto the iPhone(soon the iPad). I think you still need a provisioning profile from apple but you do not need to go through the App store.

And, FWIW, don't take these recent discussions as the final word on anything about revMobile. Most comments here on the list about the new license agreement from Apple are just guesses at best and downright misleading at worst. Some can't seem to help airing out their worst fears in public. I've seen this so many times ..... I would not make any judgements about any of this until you hear otherwise from runRev.

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On Apr 10, 2010, at 11:36 AM, rand valentine wrote:

> Hi, all. I'm somewhat dismayed by Apple's new agreement that seems to me to
> quite clearly lock out RevMobile at present. I have purchased it but not
> even received it yet! And it's not cheap, as you know. I've got a question
> about implementing anything on an iDevice-- say I write a cute little
> program using RevMobile, and just want to run it on my own iPad (which I do
> not presently own :-)) -- is this not possible -- surely the only way to get
> anything on your iPad isn't through the Apple Store? How does this work? You
> see, while I'd love to get rich writing nifty iDevice apps, I am primarily a
> researcher, and Rev's boon to my existence has always been its capacity to
> allow me to rapidly develop killer apps for research that I use and share
> with a few friends who do similar research. But I'm thinking now that
> perhaps I was misguided in thinking this way about iDevices PRIOR to Apple's
> C-change.
> And I must say, although I've owned Macs since first purchasing a new
> MacPlus, this latest draconian proclamation is the first time I've REALLY
> SERIOUSLY felt the need to reconsider my loyalty to such a company.
> rand
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