What does the 4.0 iPhone SDK mean for revMobile?

René Micout rene.micout at numericable.com
Sat Apr 10 02:38:03 EDT 2010

Le 10 avr. 2010 à 05:57, Colin Holgate a écrit :
> It is quite possible that anything that is XCode based might start to behave properly if just recompiled under the SDK4, and that would indeed show an advantage of having used XCode. But what Apple could do is insist that all apps honor the multitasking rules, and not worry about the tool that was used. Then people like Adobe and RunRev would just need to fix their tools to make sure that built apps do the multitasking correctly.

YES ! I think this...
I think also that is very difficult to understand a juridical § with technical or commercial point of vue !!

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