What does the 4.0 iPhone SDK mean for revMobile?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 23:37:08 EDT 2010

I came upon this in the Ars thread on the subject, where there is generally
more heat than light on this issue, but didn't really understand concretely
what exactly it is saying.  

If that were what the objective was, why would Apple not simply set
standards for the way the compiled app must work?  Surely the great oddity
of the clause is that it is forbidding the use of tools which do generate
apps that do 'behave identically to a native C/C++/Ob-C app, simply because
they are the wrong kind of tools?

It does not seem to be the performance of the compiled apps that is the
issue, it seems to be the use of the wrong kind of tools to generate those
apps.  Or, is the argument that there are no such tools?  That nothing
except the approved tools generates apps that behave right?  Cannot be, can

Someone on the Ars thread says a bit later on in rebuttal of the remark
Jerry quoted

"This simply doesn't pass muster.

"Except for specially flagged applications, iPhone OS 4.0 suspends every
thread of every application once that application is put in the background.

"There is literally no reason why it could not do this for applications
developed in Flash or any other toolkit. None.

"This is plainly obvious given the fact that applications written using the
banned toolkits work properly on OS 4.0. They can be started, put into the
background, and then put back into the foreground perfectly well. This is
not being done for technical reasons."

And other people raise the issue of what reason there is to think that
compilation with a 'foreign structure', whatever that is, results in a
runtime that does not behave identically.  Are there in fact any properly
documented cases of this occurring?  

Ah well, we got to watch out for those 'foreign structures'.  They just want
to come in here, and pollute our native code.  That was very amusing, one
started to wonder at that point whether it was a coder writing, or maybe
someone in the marketing department of some large company....  

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