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> Assuming I have a datagrid "cellar" with
> Appellation / Price
> Bourgogne / 43
> Bordeaux / 38
> Aubance / 25
> I want to change the price of one wine
> 1 - the user has to select a line then
> put the dgHilitedLines of grp "Cellar" into tLine
> put the dgDataOfLine[tLine] of grp "Cellar" into theDataA
> ask "What's the price?" with theDataA["Price"]
> put it into theDataA["Price"]
> set the dgDataOfLine[tLine] of group "Cellar" to theDataA

You could also just use SetDataOfIndex here instead of extracting the  
row array, setting a key and reassigning it.

> 2 - Now I would like to be able to change a price but starting from  
> a given wine' name, not from the selection of a its line (not really  
> needed currently, but for learning more about datagrid ;-))
> I found the following; for example I have to change the price of the  
> Aubance:
> put the dgData of grp "cellar" into theDataA
> repeat for each key theIndex in theDataA
> if theDataA[theIndex]["Appellation"] is "Aubance" then
> Ask "What's the new price for Aubance?"
> put it into theDataA[theIndex]["Price"]
> end if
> set the dgData of grp "cellar" to theDataA
> end repeat

For simple finds you can use FindIndex.

dispatch "FindIndex" to group "cellar" with "Appellation", "Aubance"
put the result into theIndex

if theIndex > 0 then
     -- change pricee of row.
end if

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