This is what it actually says

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Fri Apr 9 04:41:08 EDT 2010

  On 09/04/2010 10:47, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> "Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or
> JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written
> in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the
> Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an
> intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited),"
> C++ is a great language, I'm sure everyone will love it once they get to
> know it.
Really?  As soon as somebody tells me something like "I'm sure everyone
will love it once they get to know it" I feel queasy . . .  :)

Also: how long does it take to "get to know it" ? after something of the 
of 9 years (on the back of Hypercard and Toolbook experience) "getting to
know" RunRev (and, frankly, it sometimes still seems that I am at the 
'courting' stage),
I don't really feel like starting a new romance.

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