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Fri Apr 9 03:23:17 EDT 2010

Gruber's piece is excellent.  But even if this one gets resolved, you have to
consider that if the company supplying the platform is in a position to set
any conditions at all that it feels like setting on both applications that
can run on it, and content that can be accessed from it, then as a supplier
of either to that platform, you are at their mercy.  Do you want to be

Is it the company we thought it was?  Was it ever the company we thought it

It applies just as much to if as a novelist you adopt the iPad as your
preferred e-book distribution channel.  One day you could wake up and
discover that owing to the too vigorously expressed politically incorrect
sentiments of your leading character on page 203, your contribution to
literature was now impossible to buy, and worse, had been deleted from all
Pads, and refunds already given.  And this was before breakfast!
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