Creating files on on-rev

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Apr 8 09:10:40 EDT 2010

Did not work... hmm

Other things to try:
check the defaultFolder: is it valid and correct?
does your .irev file run properly (if there's any error before the file access, it might fail to write the file)
if your irev file does not return anything (no single "put <data>" anywhere) then it _will_not_run_ I had this problem once when I intended a file to silently edit a database, but not sending anything back to the querying user.
create a single extremely simple irev file that only outputs a "success" note, after writing the file
... other then that i'd think you might need to mail support.


On 8 Apr 2010, at 15:03, Kevin Stallibrass wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
> Sarah - This command is used from an irev file located on the server. Do I
> still have to set permissions somewhere on the server?
> Mike - Your suggestion does not work for me so I'm suspecting either a
> config or permissions issue. The videos I'm referring to are the ones
> accessed via the on-rev site
> c89f-ef90-4805-aa6e-d320c4b419d7#
> Bjvrnke - Thanks - I appreciate that you meant for me to change the
> permissions just for tests. I did not change the global permissions, rather
> I created a new directory with full permissions and ran tests from there.
> Again, it did not work


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