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Kevin Stallibrass kevin at
Thu Apr 8 09:03:09 EDT 2010


Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Sarah - This command is used from an irev file located on the server. Do I
still have to set permissions somewhere on the server?


Mike - Your suggestion does not work for me so I'm suspecting either a
config or permissions issue. The videos I'm referring to are the ones
accessed via the on-rev site


Bjvrnke - Thanks - I appreciate that you meant for me to change the
permissions just for tests. I did not change the global permissions, rather
I created a new directory with full permissions and ran tests from there.
Again, it did not work







Kevin Wrote:

> On Kevin's on-rev how to videos, he uses


> put something after URL "file:log.txt"


> which is apparently meant to create a text file on the server. I've tried

> but no such file appears anywhere.


Sarah Wrote:

It depends where the script is.

If this command is used from an irev file on the server, then it will

work fine as is.

If it is on your computer, then you need to use ftp commands and

supply a user name & password, e.g.


put something into URL ("ftp:" & username & ":" & password &



While this is a permissions problem, I would not recommend Bjvrnke's

solution of just opening access to your folder.



Mike Wrote:

With the file a.irev on the server we can make a file appear by typing in your browser.


-- a.irev on server




put "duke holds on" into url "file:a.txt"

put "job finished"




-- address in browser


Might that be what you are interested in doing? 


BTW, where are those how-to's by Kevin?





Kevin Stallibrass



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