Some problems with background behaviour

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Apr 7 11:01:46 EDT 2010

planix wrote:

> The problem that I have is that when I clone the group this is propagated to
> all the cards in the stack. So, if I make a change (adding or deleting a
> plan) to one card it is what appears in every card in that stack. I really
> don't understand what's going on.

This is normal behavior, but the important piece is the difference 
between background groups and card groups. Like any other control, if it 
is in the background it will appear on all cards that use the 
background. If it is on the card, it appears only on that card.

To make your group a card group, turn off "acts as background" in the 
Basic pane of the group's property inspector. That will cause it to act 
like a card control and not propagate to all other cards. You will 
probably need to remove the background group and paste or clone it onto 
cards as needed, since changing the setting won't automatically remove 
the ones that are already there.

Also, it's wasteful of space and memory to repeat a control many times 
on many cards, so continue to share as many groups as you can.

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