Altering custom properties

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Tue Apr 6 14:15:12 EDT 2010


Ah. Forgot about that, and I had a heated discussion with someone on the HC 
list decades ago about this very thing. You cannot set chunks of a 
property, even a built-in one.

He wanted to be able to change the script of an object in just the way you 
want to change a custom property (he had a self modifying code need). He 
wanted to put something into line 39 or whatever of the script of an object. I 
explained that scripts were properties, not containers. You had to put the 
whole property into a container first, then fool around with it, then set. We 
worked it out.

Maybe this could be a feature request? Unless there is something about the 
way the engine treats properties, like HC, that precludes it.


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