Which char is NOT in result MD5Digest

Dave Cragg dave.cragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Sat Apr 3 16:23:25 EDT 2010

Following Richard's suggestion, 

I think a lot of people convert the output of the md5Digest function to hex:

function hexDigest pvalue
  local tRes
  put md5Digest(pValue) into tMD5
  get binaryDecode("H*",tMD5,tRes)
  return tRes
end hexDigest

This will contain only digits and the characters a-f.

In addition, it matches the md5 digests widely used by other programs.


On 3 Apr 2010, at 16:08, Claudi Cornaz wrote:

> Hi all you wizards,
> Is there a character that won't be in the result of the MD5Digest?
> I try to ceate a list of control id's a comma and the MD5Digest of the script of that control.
> Unfortunatly the cr character can be part of the resulting MD5 thus throwing of my lines with a part of the MD5.
> Now of course I can replace the cr but which char to use? I need one that for sure isn't returned by the MD5.
> Or differently: how can I keep my control id's and corresponding MD5 seperated from each other in a list, to get at each in turn?
> Claudi
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