Data grids in standalones

Joe F. joef1 at
Fri Apr 2 10:28:45 EDT 2010

Originally there was a stack which includes a data grid (with it's  
templates substack) as well as another substack.
That would be compiled as a Windows app and worked fine.

I wanted to try making the the whole thing into substacks of a new  
main stack. Going through about 50 scenarios of letting the standalone  
builder create the external folder, putting all the stacks on the same  
level, etc. I got some weird results.

In one case the original stack seemed to create a duplicate of its  
data grid templates xxxxxx. Then I had a scene where the data grid  
templates stack would remain open after the stack with the data grid  
was closed and purged.

The tutorial shows how to make the library be included when you're  
starting from a new main stack/substack combo; but an existing stack  
with data grid has to be taken apart to go into a new main stack (my  
case), so this probably caused all the confusion.

Joe F.

On Apr 1, 2010, at 9:35 AM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> Was the "Data Grid Templates XXXXXXXXX" stack a substack of the  
> launcher stack that you built the standalone stack with or a  
> substack of the mainstack that the launcher loaded after startup?

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