Life-cycle of paper clips

Douglas dougtechie at
Thu Apr 1 20:28:52 EDT 2010

OK guys, I suppose I walked into several of those points. - ouch! (bare 
On a slightly different note, but strangely connected! -
Way back in the last century when I was a lad, I was talking to the 
Senior Design Engineer for Hoover UK.
(The people that make washing machines and vacuum cleaners that also eat 
(I don't think they were very keen on the taste.)

Anyway, I pointed out to him that the company was spending a very large 
part of the R&D budget designing customised controllers for each version 
of their products.
I thought it would be better to design one good general purpose 
programmable microcontroller and just stick a different ROM in for each 
different product.
He got really angry and said that the company stayed at the forefront of 
technology by designing custom chips
"We will never produce anything that could be called "General purpose" "
I don't know if he still has a job.


ps. Honest, I am intending to post something that is relevant to using 
RunRev soon!

On 30/03/2010 23:56, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Douglas-
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> Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 2:23:32 PM, you wrote:
>> Douglas .  (A first time poster who does the washing and also programs
>> in RunRev)

>> You do the washing in RunRev? I'm seriously impressed...

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