Print Card is broken in Linux because of resolution dependence

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Thu Apr 1 03:47:24 EDT 2010

Changing the look and feel doesn't seem to do anything much.  The colors
change fractionally, but with the size of the IDE what it is, its barely
noticeable.  Its sort of a very limited theme control apparently.  It seems
to affect highlight colors, but that's about it.

Thanks for the dictionary link.  Two hours later, thanks to webttrack, we
have a copy of the dictionary that will display locally in a browser window. 
That will certainly help.

Can it be drivers?  Its hard to see how.  It would have to be the identical
problem with the drivers in cups-pdf, in the ppd for the Kyocera, and in the
drivers for a Konica Minolta hung off a Jetdirect print server.  Can't be,
can it?  It would also have to be some kind of defect in all these drivers
that does not affect either graphics editors, text editors or OpenOffice. 
How can it be that OpenOffice, regardless of screen resolution or
distribution its running on, always prints a document in a given font at the
same size on paper, if there is some problem with the print dirvers? 
Surely, for properly written applications, print rendering is independent of
screen rendering?

The problem with print card is that what is sent to all the different
drivers varies with screen resolution.  It is what Rev is sending to the
print drivers that is the problem.  The drivers themselves are working

I'll have a look at the revPrintField code.  My health will not allow any
very intense effort on it, though.  Is there really no-one in Edinburgh who
can look at this stuff?  One young healthy competent programmer with the
source code to hand should be able to get to the bottom of it in a couple of
days, surely?  

Anyway, last night I started on plan B, rewriting the print parts to remove
all use of Rev printing, and ran into the next thing, which is that when you
do cut and paste in the IDE editor, it freezes.  Or rather, it seems to go
into a loop, the cursor sits there flickering and is locked.  Then when you
close the editor, it crashes the whole IDE, so you lose work since the last

The only realistic way to work is thus using an external editor, then copy
and paste the code into the Rev editor, which I will have a go with today.   

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