Interesting blog post - comments anyone?

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Sun Nov 29 14:33:59 CST 2009

Le 29 nov. 2009 à 21:20, Lynn Fredricks a écrit :

>> The idea that the customer services manager of a company 
>> would enlist that company's own customers in a public debate 
>> over the merits of that company's product and the rather easy 
>> to debase claims it made of its product... Well it just feels 
>> a little icky.
> Randall,
> I can appreciate that you spend a significant amount of time to evaluate a
> product, but a lot of folks will make snap judgements and never give
> something a try because some blogger puts a negative spin on it - especially
> true in development tools (Ive sold a really broad range of software, from
> 3D modeling to games to business software) because of the emotional
> investment many make into such complex tools.
> There are a lot of folks here who have been with Revolution for years, and
> they are the best advocates. My half educated guess is that those same folks
> use more than one tool (more so than developers who typically code in C++),
> and are suited to weigh the value of Rev vs other tools.
> The dynamics of selling a development tool are quite different than other
> software products and user feedback, case studies and informed comment count
> so much more for the lack of coverage in conventional technology news
> venues. I think its entirely reasonable for company reps to ask for comment
> - the popularity and exposure of that product brings it more success, which
> means better support.

IMHO, a good things would be to describe what is the purpose of this slashdot thing, no?

The few times I have I have visited the site, the posts seemed as strange to me as when my elder son talks biotechnology to me.

But maybe this what make revolution different from what those people (i.e. /dot) are interested in?

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