Interesting turn of events

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Fri Nov 27 21:19:18 CST 2009

Hi run-revers,

After licensing 4.0 I opened a stack that I had completed using 3.5. There are a number of things it no longer does correctly, associated mostly with keydown events. So I tried to open it directly from 3.5 after closing it under 4.0. It then reported that the stack is corrupted.  After closing 3.5 and double clicking directly on the stack, it once again opened, and the commands/events that weren't working before are still not working. So, it seems that opening a stack with 4.0 makes it so you cannot go back and use it with 3.5. Kind of nasty turn of events.

Just thought someone would like to know about this.

Joe Wilkins

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