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Well, in the AJAX world, you would write a JavaScript that sends an XmlHttpRequest every couple of seconds, and modifies the existing web page. But we're in a revCentered world here, so let's take the other route :-)
Along the same lines, you could make a revlet that uses 'get url' and 'post to url' commands in a 'send in time' loop to interact with the server back-end, and update the user interface with the changes. If your server back-end can send the information in XML or JSON format, you can still decide later on to make an AJAX-style front-end.

Pushing information from the server to the client is more complicated, and requires some form of socket communication. My favourite solution for this problem is putting a message queue (like Apache ActiveMQ) in between the server and clients.
At the RunRevLive conference, I did a presentation 'revTalk meets Java' where I showed this method in two ways: by calling a small Java class via shell call, or by using the Quartam STOMP Library, a 100% revTalk solution to talk to Java JMS-compatible message queues.
Quartam STOMP library will come out as soon as I find the time to do another debugging round and finish the documentation. It will be open source, dual-license LGPL / Commercial.

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> Subject: Online status board
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> Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 4:20 PM
> I would like to make a application
> using the new capabilities in Rev 4 that I am having trouble
> figuring out. It is for checking out resources so people can
> see who has the resources checked out.
> For example:
> Room A   * In  O Out  Fred Smith
> (these would be radio buttons followed by the name of the
> person who checked it out)
> Room B   O In  * Out  Available
> etc.
> I'd like the clients to be able to see the status in a web
> browser. The checking in and out would be set in a server
> application which people log into. The client web browser
> would need to be able refresh itself. A screen refresh would
> work except it is ugly (whole screen clears and redraws) and
> it wouldn't by dynamic. I'd like to be able to push the
> updates to it in real time.
> It seems like this is a good candidate for the plugin to
> make the updates smooth but it could also be done using Rev
> like a PHP server.
> I can see how to save an application in Rev 4 for the
> plugin but I don't see how it would read the changes and
> update the client. This could also probably be done in Rev
> like PHP so it is just updating HTML but I'm not sure how to
> get started there.
> Any ideas on how to start this?
> Thanks,
> Bill Vlahos
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