On-Rev and PostgreSQL

Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Tue Nov 17 16:17:35 CST 2009

Seems reasonable. If your customer runs a Win IIS or Apache web  
server, a possible way would be to replace the irev stuff by a cgi  
but, in practice, i would never be confident about such a solution  
because windows is not unix/linux....

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Le 17 nov. 09 à 21:59, Len Morgan a écrit :

> I agree with you except there are cases where it IS necessary and  
> doesn't require SSL.  I have a customer that has an in house network  
> and WAN (it covers about 60 locations around the US but all  
> connections are by VPN back to the corporate office).  I don't have  
> the luxury of having an irev server on their web server for my  
> revlet to talk to (in their case it's an MS SQL database accessed  
> using ODBC).  I need to have the revlet communicate with the DB  
> directly and as I mentioned in my last email, I haven't figured out  
> how to include the necessary .dll to do that from a revlet.
> len
> Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> It's not realy safe to set up a postgreSQL nor MySQL on-rev backend  
>> as a remote bindable rdbms as long as direct communication with  
>> those db from the outside world without using an SSL, SHTTP or SSL  
>> tunnel will be unsecure.
>> If we need to bind those backends without opening security holes in  
>> our processes (login/password transfert over the web, even as MD5  
>> hashes can be dangerous), the best to do is to have the revlet  
>> sending its requests to an irev script witch will query the rdbms  
>> in localhost mode and send back the result to the revlet.
>> As long as i did'nt set any revlet-irev communication process for  
>> yet, i can't realy be realy helpfull about this part of the  
>> recommandation but if anyone need some irev-MySQL way to go, i can  
>> send some samples.
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