How do I renew license?

Michael Kann mikekann at
Tue Nov 17 06:53:11 CST 2009

Can anyone point me to the webpage where I can renew my license at the special "expired a long time age" price. I always end up at the regular order page. Is there a special coupon code I need? Thanks for the help. One more thing: I get the digest, so if someone responds could they also send me an e-mail. 

This is the promo I received:

Our records show you are an existing user of revEnterprise. Normally, because you purchased so long ago, your license would not qualify for the lowest upgrade pricing. But as part of our Rev 4.0 launch celebration, you have the opportunity to get revEnterprise 4.0 at our lowest possible upgrade price, just $199 instead of the usual upgrade of $399. That's a $200 savings when you act by Nov 20. Plus, your software assurance pack purchase today will ensure you get the new stuff we have coming. You'll get all the new versions of revStudio released for the coming year automatically.

Just click the "Order Now" button to take advantage of this offer. For your convenience, your existing license code is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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