printing with revlet

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Sat Nov 14 16:57:28 CST 2009

Thanks for responding, Jan.

You wrote:

> - yes, you can print from a revlet, as long as you have the proper print commands in your script, and requested the proper security settings, and the user allowed it

Is "print this card" a proper print command? I tried it out in a
revlet button but no effect.

> - is this on Windows, by any chance? on some browsers, you have to tweak settings for plug-ins to show up on printouts. does it show up when you ask for a print preview?

Yes, it is on Windows. And, no, revlets (mine or anyone else's) do not
show up in the print preview.

I also searched for Firefox printer settings that might need tweaking,
but could not come up with anything.

So, I am still wondering if revlets can be printed out, by the browser
or by the revlet.

Nicolas Cueto

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