Pasting formatted text into Rev fields not possible on OS X

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Wed Nov 11 16:00:27 CST 2009

>> interesting test here. Did the same copy paste from appleworks (which is carbon) into rev studio 3.5  (I will upgrade in a few days ;-)) and it kept color, font, style but lost size (which was 48, while the pasted text appeared to between 10 or 12 pt)). When setting the size to 48 inside rev, the text was resized, but the baseline was unchanged, and was much too high.
>> Now I did the same thing, but from pages '09 (and it is certainly cocoa). Everything was kept, except the baseline. I have to mention that the Pages pasting was done in the rev field just below the paste from AW.
>> Now, let me see; I put empty into the field thru the msg box and paste (command -c) from Pages into the field. Everything is OK except the baseline which is much too high, i.e., 3/4 of the text disappears atop (?) of the field.
> What happens if you turn off fixedLineHeight for the field you are pasting into?
> Devin
thanks for pointing this to me. The difference is that now (after allowing variable text height) the baseline is always consistent with the optical text size. However, the size info is lost when pasting is done from AppleWorks; and the optical sizes are different (like a 7% error) between the sources and the rev field.
This is on revstudio 3.5 running on snow leopard 10.6.2.

Very best

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