Upgrade Fun

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 13:07:02 CST 2009

The first time I posted this message almost all of it got lost somewhere:

Here I am on a G4 Mac with revMedia 4 dp-5 and revStudio 4 dp-4 trying 
to upgrade:

1. The inbuilt upgrade system for Studio asked for a relicence; on 
inputting the
     licence supplied by RunRev nothing happened.

     So, now downloading from:


    and will try to install that file with the number I was issued with 
after the

2. The inbuilt upgrade system for Media appeared to work: downloaded
     vast amounts of stuff, quit;

     AND, a text file opened called "tmp0.log" filled with "gobbledygook";


So; to summarise what I previously posted:

The upgrade system both for Windows and Macintosh dp-4 is WONKY;
so upgrade by downloading from the URL referenced above and do a
completely fresh install.

The upgrade system for Linux and Macintosh revMedia (dp-3 and dp-5
respectively) DON'T work. There appears to be NO final revMedia for

Of course this is a bit of a bother as none of your preferences are 

The RunRev team need to be congratulated on the GM for Linux; absolutely
lovely to have a Linux version on a par with those on Win and Mac.

sincerely, Richmond.

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