Help! Citrix, anyone?

Jim Bufalini jim at
Tue Nov 3 13:16:34 CST 2009

Hi Hugh,

> I am getting reports that a rev program crashes as soon as it opens in
> the
> Citrix environment with an 'Unexpected error' and no further details.
> Has anyone experienced problems with Citrix and Revolution?

I have tons of experience with Citrix going back to when they first launched
on OS2. However, I have not worked with Citrix for probably 8-years now and
no longer have a local Citrix server on which to run tests. However, I can
tell you the Webinar software on which all the Rev webinars and Trevor's
webinars is Citrix based. So maybe you can ask them to test the app. I
highly doubt it is any rev program but probably the specific app that is
making a call that can't be made from a Citrix server, or because of the way
a specific Citrix server is configured.

Citrix basically runs multiple virtualized copies of Windows and the apps
load into these virtualized Windows environments and "think" they are
running on a standalone desktop, when in fact they are running on a
partition of the Citrix server or server farm. The remote user then has a
very tiny client that allows remote control of one of the sessions. 

Usually, anything that runs under Windows will run under Citrix. But, you
are going to need a lot more details on what the app does and how they have
configured the Citrix server.

What I would suggest is put together a very basic test app that does nothing
and uses no externals, etc. and confirm that runs on their server. Then
start to add in the elements of your app to see what part of it may be

If I wanted to take an absolutely wild guess, I would guess that it's a
shared DLL or communications.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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