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Tue Mar 31 08:14:24 EDT 2009

ListMagic has one feature I find extremely useful: the ability to  
filter via a user-typed string.  I've written a client that teachers  
use to view what may be a long list of events (incidents of positive  
and negative behavior) and it's very useful to be able to type 'tar'  
to display just those events in which the student was tardy, for  


On Mar 31, 2009, at 5:07 AM, Bernard Devlin wrote:


I just watched the webinar session.  Thanks to the folks who went to
the trouble of organizing it and putting it online.  I think it might
be a very important element to consider when getting to grips with the
data grid.

Before I watched the webinar I played with the data grid for a while.
I didn't really grasp how to use column or row templates, even after
reading Trevor's documentation.  However, watching the webinar brought
that home to me.

Following Trevor's mention that he'd used the data grid with 50,000
rows from sqlite, I put 100,000 rows into a data grid.  It still
sorted remarkably quickly - maybe 2 seconds to sort by a column and
display it.  I'm assuming from his mention of optimization, that the
data grid is really just a window onto a list, but if so, it appears
seamless to me.  I also noted in the webinar that he mentions that the
grid's display can be hooked up to a result set cursor, and the
display of the 50,000 records was even faster.

I saw mention by Bill that the DG was implemented as a scripted group
and that it was pretty amazing.  I was not disappointed - it's very
impressive work. I would never have thought that controls could be
grouped to produce something as complex as the data grid.  ListMagic
seems simpler to use, but is also less powerful.

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