Well I never!

James Hurley jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 28 17:52:52 EDT 2009

Thanks for all the help. I'm just now lifting myself out of  the  
third layer of Russian dolls.

As Trevor shows, it is more complex than the Russian Doll model. In  
his example:

> mdArray[1]["children"][1]["name"]
> The benefit of the multi-dimensional array is that you can treat each
> "group" as its own entity.
> 'put the keys of mdArray[1]' only returns the "properties" for that
> "group". The output would be:
> name
> children
> Since "children" is also a "group" I can ask for its properties as
> well:
> 'put the keys of mdArray[1]["children"]' would output:
> 1

In this example the Doll gets put back inside itself, i.e. "group" 1  
is put back inside itself.

I think I'm now beginning  to understand the topology of, pardon the  
expression, go f... yourself.

Jim Hurley

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