FTP, Windows Defender, where to place files

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Mon Mar 23 07:25:42 EDT 2009

Please tell me if this adds up.

With the Windows version of my software, I had been placing the startup 
application in a Program Files directory and all the other stacks and 
data files in a directory within the users Documents folder. This seemed 
the easiest way to work around the Vista "virtual store" issue, so that 
frequent updates to Rev stacks always ended up in the same folder (this 
program automatically updates itself during startup).

This software of mine pulls videos into a directory in the users 
Documents folder (via an ftp address). It seems that Windows Defender 
(depending on the settings) could block those video files from going 
into this directory. I see them uploading, but at the last moment, they 
don't quite end up in the directory. When I turned off Defender (or told 
Defender to exclude itself from defending that directory), the videos 
transferred fine.

First of all, does this sound like a plausible explanation for the 
transfer problem? Is this what Defender is designed to do... stop this 
kind of transfer into the Documents directory? If so, is there a better 
solution to this problem than having to ask my users to modify their 
copy of Defender to create this exception?

Richard Miller

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