storing a group as a customProperty

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But if a group's cantDelete property is true, it protects the group  
from being deleted but not its contents. Doing a "select all" and then  
hitting the delete key deletes the objects themselves, no matter if  
the group's cantDelete property is true or false. And in that case the  
group is not deleted (no matter if the group's cantDelete property is  
true or false) -- it just has no controls in it any more. There is no  
cantDelete property for controls themselves.

I'll have to store the group in a stack and store the stack in a  

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On 3/22/09, Richard Gaskin  wrote:

> Peter Brigham wrote:
> Is there a way to store a background group of buttons as a
> customProperty of a stack? I am trying to cover the possibility (in a
> utility) that a user in the IDE might do a "select all" and delete all
> controls on a card, and I want to ensure that I can easily place the
> deleted buttons back on the card again as a background group. If
> there's a way to store the group as a customProp that would be the
> easiest way of preserving it -- then I could just retrieve the group
> and place it again.
> You should be able to prevent such deletion by setting the group's
> cantDelete property.
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