Linux can't disable menuItems?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Sat Mar 21 23:24:14 EDT 2009


I created a new main stack.  On it placed a dropdown menu with the usual
three default choices, and a button with a script reading:

  on mouseUp
   disable menuItem 2 of menu "test"
  end mouseUp

and, as for you, what comes up when I click is

Chunk: no such object
Object	Button
Line	disable menuItem 2 of menu "test"
Hint	test

What works is

  disable [or enable] menuItem 2 of button "test"

As does

  disable [or enable] button "test"

Unlike you, I got the same thing from the message box.

Dunno, its not quite as the dictionary says, but maybe you can't refer to
them as menus for some reason?  Was yours pulldown?  Hard to see why it
should be any different in Linux though.

Debian Lenny, Rev 3.0


Bill Vlahos wrote:
> Would someone who is familiar with Linux do a test for me?
> I have a program built on a Mac for Linux and I get an error in Linux  
> when I try to disable a menuItem. The error is Type: Chunk: no such  
> object. The syntax looks correct and works on Mac and Windows builds.
> I then created a new stack in the IDE on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) with  
> menus and issued both the command in the message box (disable menuItem  
> 1 of menu "Help") and in the script of a button. No error was  
> generated but the menuItem was not disabled.
> If someone could either confirm this or tell me what I'm doing wrong I  
> would appreciate it.
> Bill Vlahos
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