Linux can't disable menuItems?

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sat Mar 21 15:14:47 EDT 2009

Would someone who is familiar with Linux do a test for me?

I have a program built on a Mac for Linux and I get an error in Linux  
when I try to disable a menuItem. The error is Type: Chunk: no such  
object. The syntax looks correct and works on Mac and Windows builds.

I then created a new stack in the IDE on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) with  
menus and issued both the command in the message box (disable menuItem  
1 of menu "Help") and in the script of a button. No error was  
generated but the menuItem was not disabled.

If someone could either confirm this or tell me what I'm doing wrong I  
would appreciate it.

Bill Vlahos

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