illegal creativity?

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Dude, i asked you for your own story.  There are 6000000000 people on this planet. I could find you a person who was bitten by a polar bear on the south pole.  That doesnt make it a trend worth worrying about. Sad.

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Here's an example just to get you started:

I actually disagree with the judgement and think it sets a dangerous  
precedent. But guess what, the boogieman won.

> Really, please do tell me of the times you have been sued for breach  
> of a software user agreement.  I cant wait to hear how often this  
> blight has been brought down apon your small business. Come on.  Is  
> this a joke?
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> Randall,
> Beside your questionable grasp of the law, you are making a straw man
> argument. Even if "reasonable man" arguments worked as simply as you
> imagine, it wouldn't follow that everything in a EULA other than
> copyright is unenforceable. Believe it or not, licensing agreements
> cover things other than copyright and sometimes are even upheld.
> Furthermore, being "right" doesn't necessarily keep a small business
> from being put out of business by a lawsuit. Often times the larger
> entity just needs enough collateral damage (even in losing the case)
> to ruin you.
> It seems like you have been reading too much SlashDot and running too
> few businesses.
>> I didnt know i was conversing with people from north korea and
>> iran.  In the us, japan, canada, mexico, brazil, iceland, south
>> africa, russia, israel, india, and most of europe, etc. There is a
>> difference between criminal law and civil contract law.  In most
>> moderen democratic societies, the wording in product contracts are
>> considdered about as binding as santa or the stuff car salesmen say
>> right before they go off to "talk to the manager".  And that is
>> because of a liile thing called "the reasonable man".  This
>> basically means that a contract or law cannot be inforced if it goes
>> outside of what would be reasonably considdered fair.  Ant that is
>> because guys sitting behind big expensive oak drsks making big
>> salaries baid for by big companies can not be assumed to ever act
>> like reasonable men (bias and conflict of interest is a given).
>> Criminal law on the other hand is written by people we vote for and
>> require to "uphold the constitution".  No such standerd is expected
>> in contract law.  The only thing you can be expected to do when you
>> purchace software is to not copy and sell it.  The rest is
>> hilariously written bs and the court treats it as so. Sorry.  The
>> truth.
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>>> All mosquitos are relevant.  It is scale that matters here.  Scale
>>> and
>>> reality.  Else all of us would be behind bars and prohibited from
>>> buying crest

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