illegal creativity?

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Key word "competition".

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You can't be serious -- go ahead and break the EULA because you might  
get acquired instead of sued? That seems a bit like saying, go ahead  
and drive into a tree, your airbag should deploy. Since when are big  
companies afraid of suing the competition into compliance?

> Not exactly true.  A large company would never let a case like this  
> go to court.  Bad publicity.  Unless the tool you are planning to  
> release directly competes with or decreases the need for said  
> product, your tool will only be seen as adding value to the  
> marketplace.  More and more illegal bs is being written into user  
> licenses as scare tactic deterent.  Much more likely is that your  
> product would be aquiered.  Remember who is most likely to sit on a  
> jury (not board members!).
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>> What country are you working from?  In the usa it is illegal
>> to include anything in a contract that is illegal.  I am
>> pretty sure the restriction of use clause you are describing
>> would fall pretty hard in an appeals court.  Imagine BMW
>> demanding that once a person had driven in or been a
>> passenger within one of their cars, that they could not now
>> ever do the same in another car not made by BMW.
> I am not a lawyer, but anyone who takes the advice above at face  
> value will
> probably end up needing a good one.
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