illegal creativity?

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Not exactly true.  A large company would never let a case like this go to court.  Bad publicity.  Unless the tool you are planning to release directly competes with or decreases the need for said product, your tool will only be seen as adding value to the marketplace.  More and more illegal bs is being written into user licenses as scare tactic deterent.  Much more likely is that your product would be aquiered.  Remember who is most likely to sit on a jury (not board members!).   

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> What country are you working from?  In the usa it is illegal 
> to include anything in a contract that is illegal.  I am 
> pretty sure the restriction of use clause you are describing 
> would fall pretty hard in an appeals court.  Imagine BMW 
> demanding that once a person had driven in or been a 
> passenger within one of their cars, that they could not now 
> ever do the same in another car not made by BMW.   

I am not a lawyer, but anyone who takes the advice above at face value will
probably end up needing a good one.

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