illegal creativity?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Mar 19 17:42:53 EDT 2009

Hi Viktoras,

If you didn't buy that particular database software and don't include  
any licensed drivers with your product, then I would assume that you  
are not bound to their license conditions.

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On 19 mrt 2009, at 22:24, viktoras d. wrote:

> I am about to complete a database tool (commercial) and "suddenly"  
> remembered license terms of one commercial database prohibiting  
> creation of tools capable to import databases created with their  
> product into any other database system.
> Although this export/import was not a purpose of my program I wanted  
> to add this as an additional feature. Now I am not sure if it is  
> legal at all? Or is it? Or it depends?..
> concerned
> Viktoras

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