Unix support past 2.5.1?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Mar 18 16:35:35 EDT 2009

Scott Pepperdine wrote:
> Specifically interested in IBM's AIX.

Is IBM still shipping that?  I'd thought with all their investment in 
Linux they weren't putting more into AIX, no?

> I need to do some server based programming (not CGI), so 2.5.1 may be 
> sufficient

Probably the only thing useful on the server is multi-dimensional 
arrays, introduced in v3.0. Most other enhancements have been on the GUI 

> it would just be comforting to know that Unix was not being 
> abandoned. 

Don't know for sure. Have you written support at runrev.com?

Most of the Unix OSes they used to support (Irix, Sun, etc.) are no 
longer shipping, with many of those companies following IBM's lead in 
migration to Linux.

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