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Wed Mar 18 12:18:32 EDT 2009

Hello Beat,
Yes I do, I made a little stack that I can send to you if you want...?

Le 18 mars 09 à 17:04, Beat Cornaz a écrit :

> As I have been unable up till now to figure out a way to do  
> realtime midi, I have looked into the QT player again.
> When I load a standard midi file into the player, the player does  
> play but gives no sound. The player does have a track and it is  
> enabled.
> Studying Kurt's MidiPlayer, I see that Kurt does specify the  
> midichannel(s) (midiChannelNoteOn and midiChannelNoteOff) and the  
> instrument(s) used.
> Is it possible, as in a standard sequencer, to have the Instruments  
> assigned globally. What I mean is, when I have a sequence
> in Logic, I can drag it to another track (another instrument) and  
> it will play the new sound. The track determines the instrument sound,
> as well as the track does determine the midi channel. So what I am  
> after is creating a midifile with several tracks. Once loaded into  
> the player, I want to be able
> to change the instrument for a track (e.g. track 2 becomes a  
> violin) without recalculating the midifile.
> Hi René : did you manage to play a midifile in a player yet?
> Greetings, Beat
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