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Mon Mar 16 12:36:02 EDT 2009

Sure do Josep! Wait for Rev 3.5 which has a REAL table object.  
Shouldn't be long now.

Bob Sneidar
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On Mar 15, 2009, at 3:38 AM, Josep wrote:

> Hi,
> The main goal is build a basic data entry that will be stored in a  
> database,
> for invoicing, task time control, etc..
> For that I tryed to control the inputs over a tablefield to control  
> how the
> user edit or add new rows to a tablefield. For that I put a  
> frontscript that
> control the messages for the tablefield. I think that the arrows  
> keys, the
> enterkey and the movement is controlled via rawkeydown.
> To add rows I use a button and the user click in some of the cell  
> and can
> put the values. Add another row clicking again in the button.
> All is fine until arrive to the last viewable row. Suppose that I  
> have 10
> viewable rows. Click to add the row 9, all is fine, if I click in  
> the row 10
> nothing happen. The user can move over the rows 1-9 and change the  
> data
> clicking inside of a cell.
> But when add the row 10 and click inside any cell to put the data,  
> automatic
> the tablefield add 2 rows more, the 11 and 12. Why? and how can  
> control?
> Many of you say me "Josep don't use table field, they are the  
> devil" :) I
> know that now.
> Other solution proposed is use a field with tabstops and overlaping  
> a hide
> field to edit the data that the user click in the field. I try it  
> without
> exit.
> How can calculate the column position over the line? To positioning  
> the hide
> field is hidding it moving to position and showing it with the data?
> Any idea about how to solve it?
> Salut,
> JosepM
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