return [with <value>]

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Fri Mar 13 20:36:02 EDT 2009

On Mar 13, 2009, at 6:44 PM, Phil Davis wrote:

> Can anyone enlighten the rest of us regarding this use of 'return'?:
>       return tRetResult with empty
> I pulled the above line from the 'revLibUrl' button script in the  
> 'revLibrary' stack. The 'with' option isn't explained in the docs  
> under 'return'.

It only works with those libURL calls. Standard commands don't get  
access to that syntax. I am pretty sure that is how the libURL calls  
populate both 'the result' and 'it'.

If setting both 'the result' and 'it' is of interest to you then take  
a look at this lesson which demonstrates a method for accomplishing  



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