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Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Wed Mar 11 17:46:15 EDT 2009

"...I do agree that the sound people have been neglected. I think if 
Kurt could get his MIDI stack to interpret HC-sytle notation it would be 
a big hit. The support queue periodically gets questions about MIDI 
support, and I usually point them to Kurt's work, but having notation 
options in the stack would be a big plus. And I also agree that it would 
probably be a very good RevSelect candidate...."

BUT first look here:

I'll quote below part of a 2005 post by Alejandro Tejada to this list.
The file "pmdKB11" in particular allows you to play on an on-screen piano keyboard -OR- direct-enter the notes in HC-style format.  It also allows you to export MIDI files. I just tested the stacks on Rev 3.0 Win and Mac OSX, and they all seem to work. I highly recommend that anyone interested in MIDI take a look at these stacks. I believe the part that all the stacks have in common is the "makeSMFLib" set of functions, which appears to portable!

The scripts have all been put into the public domain, which is incredibly generous of Udi!

You could find useful many MIDI related
stacks produced by UDI:


Among these stacks:

makeSMF make a MIDI file from strings that like a Play

sentence of HyperTalk. e.g. C4q E G... This stack work

with Revolution on Mac, OSX, Win, and other.

This is the pmd file player for RunRev. powered by

This is a software Piano-keyboard. powered by makeSMF.

The stack which plays random music. powered by makeSMF

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