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René Micout rmicout at
Wed Mar 11 09:09:40 CDT 2009

Hello Kurt,
My need is to send DIRECTLY Midi orders to QT synthesizer rather than  
creating a Midi file and play with the QT player. Is this way possible ?
PS : my studies are progressing...
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Le 11 mars 09 à 14:28, Kurt Kaufman a écrit :

> Two things I want to mention:
> Scott Raney was EXTREMELY helpful to me while I was working with  
> MIDI, providing me with examples of basic MIDI routines in other  
> languages, and clarifying how I should use binary encoding methods  
> from within Rev. He was an excellent teacher in the sense that he  
> never gave me the answers directly, but would suggest that I "take  
> a look at..." or "watch out for..." in searching for my own solutions.
> Although I don't have time for it right now (maybe by this summer),  
> it seems to me it shouldn't be that difficult to write a translator  
> for the HC-style "flute e3q" to MIDI.  Once a MIDI file is created,  
> it requires very little from Rev; QT takes care of the work. In  
> contrast, I believe that playing a succession of short clips would  
> be cumbersome and less reliable in terms of ending up with a  
> flowing "musical" line.  The problems are probably multiplied when  
> trying to work with polyphony.
> In hindsight I wish that I had had more experience in encapsulating  
> methods; I wish I could have written the MIDI file creation routine  
> so that I could now say "Sure, just feed it this data with these  
> parameters, and you'll get the required MIDI file useable on any QT  
> player."
> If someone on the list were willing to help me in this area, I'd be  
> willing to try to redesign the methods so that they could be easily  
> used as a general function from within Rev. It would be nice to  
> have **easy** MIDI file generation and playback available through  
> Rev scripting/QT, at least on Mac and Windows  (QT for Linux?).
> Kurt
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