Standalone saving

Mark Swindell mdswindell at
Mon Mar 9 13:11:06 EDT 2009

You have to save stacks B and C as separate files when building your  
standalone.  There's a checkbox.   Then you have to explicitly save  
stacks B and C when closing your standalone app.


On Mar 9, 2009, at 10:00 AM, dunbarx at wrote:

> I cannot save a standalone.
> In Rev, I have a mainstack "A" with two substacks "B", and "C". I am  
> trying
> to make a standalone of this file, and be able to save stuff on "B".  
> The file
> seems correct, both "B" and "C" give "A" as their mainstack if I  
> ask, and the
> file is definitely "A".
> I make the standalone. I get a file "A". No dialogs, nothing fancy.
> I use the stack "A", as recommended, as an introductory screen and  
> go right
> to "B". I add data to a field on "B". Nothing I do seems to save the  
> data on
> "B". If I close the standalone and then reopen, all my data is lost.  
> I invoke
> all sorts of "save" commands all over the file, especially in "B".  
> Nada.
> Dammit.
> Thanks again...
> Craig Newman
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