set borderWidth spoils images

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Fri Mar 6 16:22:31 EST 2009

J. Landman Gay wrote:

"Turn off 3-D."


set the showBorder of img "BOX" to true
  set the threeD of img "BOX" to false
  set the borderColor of img "BOX" to "Green"
  set the borderWidth of img "BOX" to 4


"And, why", the curious child enquired of his Dundonian Granny
"is it Disneyland?"

at which the old crone replied:

"Because, young loon, it disnea have this and it disnea have that!"

Or, put it another way; you can get a fairly good cultural
education reading my tripe.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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