does anyone know how to make a link in a web page launch a Rev app and pass parameters to it?

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Wed Mar 4 19:17:29 EST 2009

Le 5 mars 09 à 00:47, Josh Mellicker a écrit :

> There are links in web pages like this:
> that will launch iTunes and send iTunes parameters (so iTunes knows  
> what to display).
> I assume this is done by entering the app and this link protocol in  
> some sort of system registry?
> Has anyone done this or know if it is possible with Revolution?
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  Itunes uses WebObjects, which a technology originally developped for  
NeXT/Open Step.
in particular
Rules-Based Rapid Application Development (RBRAD)
with (emphasis is mine)
*Direct To Web Services allows developers to rapidly develop Web  
service-based applications that provide access to a data store.*
Perhaps something similar will be available with rev 4.0?


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