Beeps and menus

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Wed Mar 4 00:00:31 EST 2009

Thanks, Jackie.

I will check out this menuHistory thing.


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> Can anyone tell me the ordinary way to invoke a menuItem, like "Card
> Inspector"? "doMenu" fails, as the docs also warn against.

Generally you set the button's menuHistory. That also sends a menupick 
message when it fires, so if you don't want that, lock messages. 
MenuHistory only works with buttons of style "menu" of course.

You're correct that all menus are buttons. The "menu" keyword is iffy in 
my experience, I usually just call them buttons and treat them like 
buttons. So if I want to change a menu item, I put the new terminology 
into "line whatever of btn myBtn" instead of trying to "set the menuitem".

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