Copying standalone to PowerBook

Jim Sims sims at
Fri Jan 30 23:42:36 EST 2009

On Jan 31, 2009, at 12:55 AM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
> ... And more to the point, this is an  app that is built on the Mac  
> and is known working on the Mac, but has displayed this behaviour  
> after being copied back from a CD (that was burnt on a Mac).

Just a wild, uneducated guess, but when the app was burned onto the CD  
what was the method/application that was used to burn it?

If I were to use Roxio Toast Titanium I would have several preference  
options for burning, perhaps one of those option might be 'unfriendly'.
If the CD was burned with some third party software, what happens if  
you tried to burn another CD with the standard Mac OS provided utility?


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